Shipping Information

How long does a shipment take

A shipment can take between 2-8 business days from the moment the order is shipped.

The parcel service

Your package will arrive at the address of your order through a contracted parcel service.

If you choose a pickup shipping you will be informed where and when you can pick up your order.

If your order has Free Shipping you will receive your order at a pickup point close to your address. If the pickup point is not available you will receive it at the address you give in your order.

If there is any problem with your package contact us as soon as possible.

Countries where do we ship

We make shipments for the United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, Spain, France, Ireland, Latvia, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Sweden, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Estonia, Greece, Malta, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Cyprus, Slovenia, Finland, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Portugal, and Romania.

Your package will be sent from Spain, which means that if you are outside of Spain you are exempt from VAT.

Customs fees are not included in the shipping price. The fees will be in your charge.

If the country where you live does not appear in this list and you are interested in buying, send a message to our Instagram page or

Shipping price

The price of shipping your order varies with the destination.

Normal shipping – 8,33€
Pickup – 4,18€
Free shipping from 100,00€

Normal shipping – 8,80€
Pickup – 4,45€
Free shipping from 100,00€

France, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Netherlands:
Normal shipping – 13,74€
Pickup – 7,11€
Free shipping from 100,00€

Normal shipping – 13,74€
Free shipping from 100,00€

Normal shipping – 14,33€
Free shipping from 100,00€

United Kingdom, Croatia, Denmark, Ireland, Latvia, Sweden, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Estonia, Greece, Malta, Poland, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Slovenia, Finland, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, and Romania:
Normal shipping – 25,00€
Free shipping from 100,00€